Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week of August 14, 2016

We've had a full week as we've enjoyed our last week of summer before CC starts!

Monday we went to the meet the tutor playdate.  Katie found out who her tutor and classmates are this year.  She was so excited that Mrs. Frederick was her tutor again this year and that most of her classmates were the same!

The kids played yard games, ate snacks and had such a wonderful time seeing all their friends again.

Tuesday we worked on our math, reading and writing.  Knox and Brex came over and we went for a walk.  The weather is getting so much cooler and we are loving it.

After our walk the kids came in and wrote in their nature journals.  They had collected leaves on the trail so they made some beautiful leaf rubbings.

Wednesday we spent the day shopping with Grandmother and Grandfather.  The girls had fun going to different stores and looking around.  We ate at Cracker Barrel, which is quickly becoming a favorite with the kids.

Thursday the boys came over and we had fun with our normal school routine.

 Working on her Bible study page.

Now that we're working through Saxon 1 we have worksheets....Katie loves coloring the worksheets but, it makes for a longer math lesson than we're used to completing.

Audrey likes to sit on my lap when we're working on school.  She always wants to do exactly what Katie (and the boys) are doing and she usually does pretty well at keeping up.

Saturday we went to Grandma's.  The girls loved helping make guacamole and apple dumplings.  Katie tried and loved guacamole for the first time!

Saturday morning we went outside for a picnic poetry tea time.  We read silly poems out of our "It's Raining Pigs and Noodles" poetry book, ate scones and drank peach tea.

After tea time the girls wanted to paint.  We set the outside easel up and the girls peacefully painted...but not for long.

Audrey started painting her fingers then the paint crept up her arm.  Eventually both girls were covered in paint.

Katie and Audrey both had such fun painting themselves and running around the yard.  Katie even made a slingshot.  Then they proceeded to run around the yard hunting imaginary jungle animals with the slingshot.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week of August 7, 2016

This week has been full of lots of fun with friends and lots of outside time.

The boys came over Monday.  While I got school ready for the day the kids relaxed in the den and watched some tv.

After we did our morning basket time we worked on math.  The kids were so excited when they found out that this was our last math lesson from our Math K book!

Rich worked on some bird perches this week for our new big flight cage.  The girls took the extra branches and played with their jungle animals.

Tuesday morning the girls wanted to try a recipe from their Hilights magazine.  They toasted bread, spread cream cheese and made little American flags on their toast.

After breakfast the girls worked on their schoolwork so we could go to the pool to celebrate finishing our math book.

When we got out to the car we found our battery had died.  So we switched gears and got Daddy up so we could jump the car and go get a new battery.  The girls had such a good attitude and did a great job while we drove to the store and got a new battery.  Afterwards we got an ice cream treat at Sonic.

We dropped Rich back at the house and headed to the pool.

Katie loves going underwater.  It scares you at first when you see her just pop underneath the water.

Wednesday the boys came over again.  The kids had fun playing, doing school and pretending that they were in a marching band.

Audrey reading on her bed.  She loves her books.

Thursday the girls did some yoga.

We worked on our math lesson with legos.

Working hard on their math (Audrey loves doing math with Katie).

Friday morning the girls and I went outside to search for snails.  We are studying snails as part of our nature study for this month.  We were able to find centipedes, crickets, grubs, a slug and eventually 4 snails.  We watched the snails crawling around and then discovered some ants swarming around our back door.  After washing the ants away from the door we went inside to write in our nature journals.

The girls drew the ants swarming.

Saturday Aunt Vicki and Grandma had a fun day at the house with the girls while Rich and I went on a road trip to pick up some new gouldian finches.  We stopped and picked up some red dirt for the girls to see.

We brought home a yellow and blue gouldian finch.

The girls' zebra finches are on one side of the flight cage and my gouldians are on the other.

Sunday morning the girls and I made muffins and had poetry tea time in the backyard.

We played outside most of the morning.  We took care of our rabbits, swung and watered the gardens.